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What is a Match Bonus?

Dear Vera,

I was browsing the internet the other day and I was bored.  On impulse, I decided I’d take a shot at this online casino thing – I was really in the mood for a game of poker (I’m a Texas Hold ‘Em kind of gal).  When I’d registered with the account the casino offered me a match bonus.  I got so flustered – it seemed too good to be true.  I believe in blessings darling but this?  The casino was just giving me money but this seemed too good to be true?  Tell me Vera, is it?



Dear Flustered,

Vera Siti

Vera Siti

Well, I can imagine it must seem overwhelming, but the fact is the casino was indeed trying to give you money.   A match bonus is when the casino will match your deposit according to a particular percentage (usually up to a certain limit).  Although, this giving away of money does usually come with conditions.

Usually a casino will dictate that a player will have to wager the money a certain amount of times before they can withdraw it – this is often 20 or 30 times.  So yes, Flustered, I think you are right in feeling a little overwhelmed as this is quite a big commitment.  Obviously, if you turn a profit with the cash, you could win big – but you are wise to think twice.

Good luck!


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