Two Canadians murdered by schizophrenic woman
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Two Canadians murdered by schizophrenic woman

Antoinette Pelzer, an Atlantic City resident, stabbed and murdered two Canadian women on the 21st May 2012.

She has recently appeared in court on charges of murder and assault – her Mother and Aunt pleaded for court sympathy by saying Pelzer has suffered from schizophrenia her whole life and that they feel terrible for what she has done as Pelzer at the time was begging to get money for cigarettes.

The Autopsies revealed that the older woman died from a stab wound to her heart, while the 47-year-old woman had bled to death from wounds inflicted to her abdomen, arms and hands. “The victims — both of Asian origin and from the Toronto suburb of Scarborough — are not being identified until relatives can be notified. Police would not say whether the two women were related”.

Pelzer’s behavior in court was somewhat strange – she persistently asked for her lawyer, shook her head to the charges and pulled strange faces like narrowing her eyes and frowning at the at the judge and prosecutor.

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