How Technology Has Transformed Gambling
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How Technology Has Transformed Gambling

There was a certain air to the atmosphere when a group of suit-clad men sat round a Roulette table, smoking their cigars. Cue in soft, classy background music, the jovial giggles of upmarket women clinging to their sides and change the entire scene to black-and-white, and you will have the perfect 50s style American casino environment, quite different to the technology centered online establishments we have today.

Technology and Gambling

The abundance of land-based casinos closing down in Las Vegas and Macau, and the quick growth of the online gambling industry to over $417 billion, marks a significant shift in the industry with technology being a pertinent variable of change.

Look no further than any credible technology news site and you can have view the intense transformation that technology has afforded us. Gambling is no exception to this trend, where internet and computing has changed the way people wager. Why has this happened?

More and more players are gravitating toward the physical safety, convenience and privacy offered by online casinos. Online transactions are getting safer as a result of the internet functioning as a primary method of e-commerce to a greater extent each day.

The buoyant 50s style atmosphere of the casino of yesteryear is also in decline, being replaced by the new concepts of heroes and role models. A great example is, which offers a sleek and varied online gaming experience in the world of Online Pokies, or Online Slots.

As the industrial revolution further developed followed by the Dotcom boom in the 90s, the heroes of young men and women all over the world began changing. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Marissa Meyer (the CEO of Yahoo) proved to be a new “geeky” technology-based type of role model, the people who bring consumers powerful “cool” technology.

The developments above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to assessing why online gambling has risen so powerfully. Couple this with the growing rate of PC processing power, allowing even clearer HD graphics for online video slots and magnificent renditions of realistic table games and you will see that technology is successfully pushing the boundaries of the first fruit machines.

There is an exciting future in store for gamblers and techies alike and we are quite privileged to be part of it!

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