Compared to modestly strategic games like Blackjack or Poker, there is little to no skill in a game of Roulette. A player makes choices based on the kind of risk he’s willing to endure.  He could, for instance, wager his chip straight up (which means betting on a single number) and receive a payout that’s 35 times the original bet if played successfully.

Or he could choose to spread his risk and concede a lower reward by setting his chips on a corner, which covers four squares but pays out at just eight times the original bet.

At its core, Roulette will appeal to the casino patron who likes table games, but who is reluctant to have to use complex roulette strategies and betting systems to try and eke out every fraction of a percentage from the house’s already sizeable advantage.

Jones is here to help you understand all the major nuts and bolts of good Roulette game play.