Craps can seem especially threatening for the casino first timer. All those blocks, all those squares, a set of dice, numbers being yelled out in strange phrases, not to mention up to four casino staff managing a single table. It’s enough to scare even the bravest rollers towards games that seem “friendlier” and less daunting like roulette or the reels of a slot machine.

Certainly, the layout of a craps table seems something like a game of pre-adolescent hopscotch: chalked lines, semi-circular tracks, columns and rows of alphanumeric figures in seemingly haphazard sequences, arbitrary font size and text and colour combinations, different lines and bars, a Field of numbers (some encircled, some not) a Pass and Don’t Pass, a Come and Don’t Come bar.

Heck, even all that pseudo psycho-subterfuge that’s a hallmark of the Poker table seems preferable.

It’s just too much.

Casino Jones is here to demystify things with the best craps strategy. We’ll equip you with everything you need to know for the novice, the know-it-all, and anyone who falls somewhere in between.

Playing the Pass Line