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Ontario horse racing a gamble

FE-horseracingOntario horse racing is a major gambling industry in Canada. Each event costs horse owners and bettors quite a bit of cash as the maintenance of the horses, who are in impeccable condition, costs owners a fortune to compete and bettors spend a healthy wager so that their returns will be all the more profitable.

In history, the best racing horse in the world was Northern Dancer and he was the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby, which peaked the interests of many betters. It is also because of Northern Dancer that Canadian horse racing was put on the map as one of the major events in the world.

Though Northern Dancer has long passed, his DNA lives on in the horses who currently train at the Ontario track. The stamina, grace and power of the horses at the Ontario track in Canada attracts thousands of high profile, high stakes gamblers each and every year.

Whether you’re a high stakes gambler or an inquisitive bystander, makes sure you experience everything this grand event offers its visitors.

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