Mobile casinos

With the advent of smartphone technology and the enormous leaps in the capacity of mobile devices, I’m excited to see more and more reliable and reputable mobile casinos taking advantage of the technology available to them.

Nervous about gambling on a phone? Healthy suspicion is a good thing. The world of online gaming is a digital highway: you’ll have some incredible experiences on your journey, but invariably you can expect a few seedy hitchhikers out for your money.

I’ve done the hard graft for you. You can rest in the knowledge that for a casino (mobile or otherwise) to garner my approval it has to tick all the right boxes. The casinos I’ve listed here are veritably Jones approved, which means:

  • they have a clean, intuitive front end that can be rendered on most modern smartphones
  • they offer a sufficient number of games
  • their games offer a good GUI ((graphic user interface) experience
  • they are certified and audited by external, industry-leading verification systems
  • they are licensed
  • their platforms are secure, encrypted and reliable.