Meet the world’s biggest high rollers
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Meet the world’s biggest high rollers

5.  Charles Barkley – As one of the most respected, skilled and high paid NBA players Charles Barkley has some change to throw around, and what better place to do so than Las Vegas. The former NBA pro has frequented Vegas on and off for decades and is known to be one of the most public high rollers in the game. Most recently, Barkley can be seen on the Blackjack tables at the Wynn Las Vegas playing close to $30,000 per hand and chatting it up with the dealers and pit bosses. The self-admitted far to frequent gambler has claimed close to $10 Million dollars in loses over the past decade.

4. Adnan Khashoggi – This highly publicized Saudi Arms dealer is a known worldwide casino whale who plays both Blackjack and Baccarat and is said to have lost millions of pounds to London based casinos. While he is one of the more unknown high rollers, his bankroll is estimated in the billions. He is also said to be responsible for a 19% drop in Hilton International’s profits one quarter due to a very large winning streak.

3. Larry Flynt– The porn industry mogul behind Hustler, Larry Flynt is no stranger to the VIP casino rooms of the world and is an avid Black Jack player risking up to $30,000 per hand. His rumoured losses mostly were sustained at the Las Vegas Hilton and reached around $3.2 Million dollars. Although his losses are considerable, he is also noted as going on very long winning streaks which have included a $1 Million dollar profit in one sitting.

2. Kamel Nacif – A very wealthy business man from Mexico, Kamel Nacif is a Las Vegas regular hitting Sin City approximately 6-10 times per year with a bankroll between $1 and $5 Million dollars each trip. The savvy entrepreneur is said to have taken Vegas casinos for between $18 and $22 Million throughout his gambling career and hasn’t let up yet. Nacif is a Baccarat player and is rumoured to be very easily agitated while at the tables, no surprise considering his average bet per hand is in the $160,000 range.

1. Kerry Packer – Australian billionaire Kerry Packer takes the cake as the worlds biggest casino high roller by a very long shot. Although Kerry is no longer with us, he will be remembered as the legendary high roller at many of the world’s top casinos. This mega casino baller was not only known for his $450,000 per hand play at Blackjack, but also for his extreme generosity towards casino employees which have included several $1 Million dollar tips to waitresses working the tables. Yes, it’s true. Packer also particularly enjoyed intimidating the casinos and regularly tried to extend the Vegas maximum bets to $1 Million dollars, something even the casinos wouldn’t risk. This behemoth of a whale can literally bring a casino to its knees, but his action is something that was and is in high demand. Common complimentary gifts to Packer for his loyal play include $100,000 travel reimbursements on arrival and 10% + cash back on any losses he sustains at the tables. This ladies and gentlemen, is one high roller that seriously rocked the tables of all the casinos he ever played at.

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