Manitoba launches its own gambling site
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Manitoba launches its own gambling site has been launched by the Manitoba government and its main objective is to test the waters of the popular online gaming scene in Canada.

Canada has had its own online casinos for around three years now and the reports that have come back, have shown the industry to be a great success. The games that are available to play online have been reserved for Manitobans only, but the classic games like Poker and Blackjack will have the option to share the games so that Manitobans can still play against other Canadians.

The whole point of launching is not only so people can gamble on a Canadian gaming site, but also serves the purpose to keep Canada’s money within the country. $37 million has been spent previously on foreign online gaming sites and through the launch and establishment of a strictly Canadian gaming site – the money can be kept in the country instead of going into the pockets of foreign businesses.

This is said to be an innovative initiative taken by the Manitoba government and their are high hopes for the sits success.

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