Is this Casino Safe? How do I tell?
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Is this Casino Safe? How do I tell?

Dear Stanton,

The more I trawl through the online landscape, the more I realise that they are casino hills and casino valleys. Which is to say, there are some establishments out there that fly their proverbial flag high, honouring the patrons with quick payments, reliable security, and good support; they are others, however, they just feel dodgy. How am I supposed to know the good ones from the bad ones?

Yours truly

Wan Sum Help


Dear Wan,

If there was an easy answer to your question, we probably wouldn’t even be here on this site. The rub of the online space is finding honest merchants. Unfortunately, the casino industry as a whole is full of thieves and swindlers, which makes it tricky to find a good gambling joint. Unfortunately, a great front end doesn’t mean anything in this industry. Pretty banners, alluring jackpot widgets, scantily clad babes in superhero costumes… they really mean nothing if the casino you’re at isn’t rock solid in terms of security, dependability, and fairness.

Well, there are two things you could look for: one is a gaming license from Malta or Gibralta (these tend to be more recognised licenses then many others), the other is some kind of external certification system like eCOGRA.

The fact is, Wan, we’ve tried to make things easier for you by listing casinos that we trust. And if we trust them, you can sure as heck trust them too. We won’t endorse any establishment, group, collective, organization, or individual that doesn’t meet our exacting standards.

Stanton’s word on the matter:

I’d suggest you start with our Approved Casino List.

 Going anywhere else… well that’s just a gamble.