Increasing Number of Students Gambling Away Loans
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Increasing Number of Students Gambling Away Loans

As gambling becomes a more common part of everyday societal life, the age that people take up hobbies such as betting and visiting casinos is dropping. With the dropping age of those partaking in gambling comes an increased rate of young problem gamblers. Many of these young gambling addicts today are students who have funded their time at game tables, slot machines, and with bookies with earnings or loans that should have gone to their education.

Many may think it highly unreasonable and irresponsible for students to place bets when they are unable to pay for their education, but the logic behind their gambling is not as unorganized as some might seem. To a desperate student who believes they understand the odds they face when they’re gambling, the idea of making an investment that will have a larger pay-off is very alluring.

With the idea that a student may be able to pay off their entire student loan and education with one really lucky night at a casino is very attractive to those facing education-based debts. Many of the young people in casinos today are simply young people looking for a quick fix to what they view as current or pending financial hardship.

In the follies of their youth, some young people continue playing the odds. While some do so for strictly financial reasons, others become motivated by a much more powerful force, an addiction they are unable to fight. The need for the “high” these students face when they take the risks they do while betting becomes the primary force behind their activity. For this reason many more young people are joining the ranks of punters at fixed-odd betting terminals, players in high stakes card games, and hopefuls at casinos all over the country and the world.

Some students begin gambling with their loans in an attempt to pay them off. Instead, they end up gambling with their futures, as they put themselves at risk of becoming hooked on one of the most powerful and destructive addictions any adult in the country can face today.

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