How Long do Casinos Take to Pay Out?
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How Long do Casinos Take to Pay Out?

Dear Vera,

I recently decided to withdraw some money from a casino I opened an account with not too long ago.  I’ve actually had a great time playing with them and I’ve won a substantial amount of money.  But, I hear it takes a long time to withdraw.  I was hoping to have the money within a few days and, after having spoken to a few friends, it seems to me like they might take a while.  Why is that?  It’s my money.  I should be able to access it.



Dear Frustrated,

I’m sorry for your frustration.  I know it’s immensely trying when you’ve got money that you’ve won and yet you can’t access it.  Casinos will only withhold your funds on your first withdrawal until their risk screening department are satisfied that you are the account holder and meet the casino’s requirements.  Usually, the casino will request a copy of your ID document and a copy of a utility bill – these must be clear.  When they are not clear, complications may arise and your money may be withheld for longer than you expect (until they get a clear copy).  Once the casino has received your documentation, they will keep it on file and never sell it to a third party – you need not worry.  This will only be to verify your identification.

Casinos do take longer than other establishments to pay out.  It is believed that this in the hopes that you and other player will reverse their withdrawal or at least some of it.  Indeed, all casinos will allow a player to reverse their withdrawal.

Nonetheless, if you are patient, you will get your money.  So, Frustrated, you can relax.

Good luck!