Edmonton Man Rings in the New Year with Million-Dollar Jackpot in Canada
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Edmonton Man Rings in the New Year with Million-Dollar Jackpot in Canada

Edmonton Man Rings in the New Year with Million-Dollar Jackpot in Canada

People often lament that the retirement age is just too high, and that they’d really prefer to enjoy their “golden years” because they become too old to manage the travelling necessary to head abroad and see some of the world’s most compelling sights. For one man in Edmonton, however, retirement is coming early: Michael Hupe celebrated the New Year at St. Albert’s Apex Casino and won a cool million Canadian dollars in the process. If that isn’t a sign of good things to come over the broader course of 2014, surely nothing is.

A Year’s Worth of Effort: Hupe is Dedicated Gambler

The Apex Casino hasn’t always had slot machines, and it hasn’t always been a destination for local gamblers. In fact, the installation of slot machines at the facility dates back only a year to roughly the early part of 2013. While it was a move that set off some local controversy, the Apex Casino has experienced a great deal of financial success from its installation of the machines. A good part of that success is probably the result of Hupe’s determination to win it all.

In an interview with local media outlets, Hupe noted that he’s been playing the slots at Apex since they were first installed a year ago. For his efforts, the casino awarded him the typical slew of comps and free slot play. Even so, Hupe never saw a payout quite like the one he managed to score on New Year’s Eve of 2013.

Hupe’s slot machine of choice is the Diamond Millions game, and that’s where he decided to head while celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another. After a concerted effort, Hupe opted to play one more time. It was that fateful bet that saw the machine pay out just over $1 million Canadian, enough for Hupe to buy a used truck and significantly restructure his finances.

A Reminder that Big Jackpots Do Happen

For gamblers who haven’t enjoyed the same kind of luck as Hupe, his jackpot is still worth celebrating. After all, it proves that slot machines aren’t kidding when they advertise the possibility of a life-altering jackpot. It could be just one hit away.

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