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Download version or Instant Play? Which is better?

Dear Stanton,

One thing that has resolutely confused me since I started gambling on the Internet is the difference between instant play and download casinos. Why the distinction? Am I meant to download a big file every time I want to play? Is that instant play option safe? I get so confused sometimes.

I know that you’ll tell it like it is: it’s one of the things I really admire about you.

Any words of wisdom?

Heim Confused

Dear Heim,

No one likes to be confused. You feel like you’re at sea. And it’s especially not pretty when the confusion is related to your bankroll. Money is a precious thing. A man has to eat, doesn’t he?

Let’s ease your confusion. Almost all casinos have this distinction between instant play and a download option. The instant play function is for those who want to play quickly, easily and you often switch between computers on a regular basis. There is no risk of your password being saved. Also, in some countries the cost of bandwidth is quite high. Can you imagine having to download a large program every time you want to play the casino on a different computer? It would add up to quite a lot of money. So, casinos make any easier and more accessible option available in the form of instant play.

Now, you might be wondering, if instant play is so great then why download the casino in the first place? I can think of two reasons: firstly, the visual and visceral experience of the downloaded version is often superior to the instant version. They’re just able to cram more in. Secondly, many casinos have bonuses that they will give only two players on the download. It’s just the way they structure their offerings.

Stanton’s word on matter:

There are advantages and disadvantages to both instant play and the download versions. If you always play on the same PC, stick with the download. If you’re like me and want to stay under the radar, go instant play.