Casino blacklist

If you know Casino Jones at all, you’ll know the fastest way to have his anger and ire bearing down upon you in all its ruthless ferocity is to be a casino that doesn’t make good on its promises. It goes beyond just abstaining from the truth: it’s a patent lie, a falsification, a leopard whose real stripes are shown when it comes time to pay out. After all, this is what happened to Jones himself, tinkering away in a false digital lobby, waiting for the winnings that were owed to him yet never arrived.

Jones’s blacklisted brands go beyond the tiny suspicions of a few grumpy patrons. These are brands that have categorically been identified as B.A.D – that is, Blacklisted And Dangerous. Following detailed dossiers, we would like to issue an official warning to all innocent and honest gamblers to steer clear of these brands. They’re as dishonest as the grubby grime that dirties their money-hungry fingers.

B.A.D Brands

Sunny Group Casino …. not so sunny … an odd choiceThere’s nothing sunny about this casino which, despite a good start as one of the pioneers of the online gaming industry, has fallen into disrepute over non-payment problems. There have been scores of angry patrons waiting for their withdrawals. Complaints range from the casino giving runaround tactics, to blatant misrepresentations and delays. Welcome to Jones’ B.A.D list, Sunny Group.

A number of reports have been coming through testifying to dirty and underhanded tricks at Oddsmaker. These range from extraordinarily long holding times for calls (“ we’re putting you on hold for  the supervisor…”) to blatant disconnections. Casino Jones wants to disconnect you from any suspicious activity. Avoid!

A crucial element in identifying reliable online casinos is the correct kind of licensing. We don’t trust casinos that falsify their licensing jurisdictions… and that’s precisely what
Rich Casino did. Having no reliable license essentially gives them free reign to do anything with your money with no ethical reference point.Rich Casino … Or how to become poor really fast

Orange Gamez Casino … Orange you going to play it safe?

Take a few unpaid withdrawal requests, and combine it with a no-response answer from the casino support staff and voila…you have Orangegamez. Not exactly a recipe for success.

Mighty Slots … A mighty slap in the face

Mighty slots seems to strong-arm players into quick deposits and then leave them hanging when it’s time to collect any winnings. Not only are they dubious operators, but apparently they’re spammers, too.

Class1Casino … not exactly first class

Some disgruntled patrons report an unfair confiscation of winnings. Worse still: the casino doesn’t respond to requests for clarification. There’s only one way to fly in the online casino industry and that’s first class. Sadly, this casino is more like a cattle class.

Slots Alley Casino …. A back alley you don’t want to visit

We’ve heard enough cautionary tales about Slots Alley Casino to feel justified in telling you to stay away. So many promises, not so many payouts.

Have a complaint about a casino not listed here – be sure to let Jones know about it