Avalon II: A Beautiful Interactive Experience
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Avalon II: A Beautiful Interactive Experience

What fascinates you about watching a high-quality movie?

Does the story pull you in?

Is it the imagery or music that engages you?

What if you could have all of that in an interactive game?

Here it is: “Avalon II: The Quest for The Grail.”

Avalon II is a vivid medieval-themed online slot game that moves you through the forces of good and evil in magical ways. With famous characters like King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin and Morgan, this second effort boasts vast improvements in art and game features. From the beginning, Avalon II introduces you to a world that is filled with lush landscapes, striking characters and first-rate animations.

The richness of the games’ visual style cannot be overstated, but while the art pulls you in and the audio absorbs you, the new features are the true differentiators. Like its predecessor, Avalon II is a 5-reel interactive online slot game. However, instead of it being a 20-payline game, it now gives players 243 ways to win. As you navigate the base game on your way to retrieve the grail, you will discover stunning wild symbols and glowing multipliers.

Bonus games are also activated along the way.

There are eight bonus games each showcasing varied activities. “Lake of Legend” is a dice rolling bonus game, while “Misty Vale” allows you to select one of the game’s characters as an Extra Wild. There are also matching activities and wheel spinning games all designed to provide chances for extra spins and rewards.

Avalon II has a bonus hit frequency of once every 12-18 minutes. With its superior voice acting, sound effects, 3D animations and expanded gameplay, this new game is sure to be a hit amongst slot enthusiasts.
Slot Avalon II
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