16 legendary sports stars who loved to gamble
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16 legendary sports stars who loved to gamble

charlesPeople often wonder why successful sportsmen are also often successful gamblers. There are a number of reasons why this may be, but the most prominent reason is probably that sportsmen are driven by adrenaline and are used to risking everything.

Often we think that for sportsmen, playing sport is the only activity they engage in, but remember they are still human, even though they’re famous, they too have interests in many different activities.

Sportsmen are also used to making large quantities of money within a short period and gambling works in much the same way. Thus, in many ways, sports and gambling are rather similar. Ironically, different sporting events are also used as a source for betting which is a form of gambling.

But before I get carried away, here is a list of all-time famous sportsmen who were gamblers. I bet you’re going to be a little suprised when you find out your favourite sportsman is also a great gambler.


Antoine Walker – las Vegas casinos
Floyd Mayweather – Betting on boxing matches
Paul Hornung – Football betting
Kenny McKinley – Las Vegas casinos
Charles Oakley – Gambling games involving dice
Jaromir Jagr – Sports gambling websites
Charles Barkley – Betting on the Super Bowl
Charlie Samuels – Baseball betting
Gilbert Arenas – Card games
John Daly – Slot machines
Rick Tocchet – Took wagers from NHL players
Michael Jordan – Atlantic City casinos
Pete Rose – Basketball betting